Gracy Nails and Beauty salon is an artistic designed salon located in the heart of Charlottetown downtown at 146 Prince Street, Charlottetown, PEI (the corner of Prince and Grafton St). The key service of Gracy is nail technique including manicures, pedicures, nail polish, dip powder, bio gel (no acrylic), and nail design. Besides key services, Gracy provides wax, eyebrows tinting, and eyelash extension services to offer various options for customers.

Gracy differentiates itself from other nail salons by the socialization service for a group of family or friends such as wedding showers, and birthdays.  Furthermore, Gracy provides a spa atmosphere with quietness, light meditation music, the aroma of essential oils, a green plant, and a water fountain. Customers can enjoy their best moments with relaxation and free drinks (coffee, tea, pop). Tourists can buy PEI prestigious local products from Gracy. The last but not least is hygiene and cleanness. Gracy top priority is the health and wellness of customers and meeting the requirement of Health and Wellness Policy of the government.

Hannah Hanh Nguyen-the owner of the business has more than 20 years of experience in tourism, hospitality, digital media and operation management. After moving to Canada 2 years ago, Hannah chose to pursue Business Administration at Holland College. She has a few ideas for her start-up business but finally she chose to do nails and beauty. Firstly, she thinks her hospitality and operation management experience could be helpful for this new business. Secondly, she started to learn art and painting after living in PEI. PEI nature is the endless inspiration for her. The next industry she wants to explore should work with art. Thirdly, the mother of 3 kids wants to take care of other women. She herself always finds it hard to have time for herself. She wants to create a relaxing and pampering place for herself and other busy women. Therefore, finally nail art and beauty are what she chose to pursue her entrepreneur dream.